In our last newsletter, we had LOADS of member shout outs due to some outstanding results through our #DIREWOLF30 collaboration with pH Nutrition. And we’re still hearing about how well so many of the participants are doing, even though the initiative came to a close already.

Sticking with dieting can be really hard!

Yes, there have been some great success stories, but nutrition goes far beyond a 30 Day Diet.

Luckily, during our Wrap Up, Tom McClure of pH Nutrition delivered some valuable tips to help anyone and everyone when it comes to making, and sticking to, healthy eating habits:

“Your environment needs to be set up to make it easy to stay on track. If you have treats everywhere, foods you know are easy for you to overeat, or it is hard to make good food, you will be constantly fighting staying on track.

“… this leads to not relying on motivation and willpower alone. You gotta have a system! If you do, it removes the decision stress and gives you clarity on what you should be doing – rather than winging it each and every day. Have a clear focus.

“Keep to small changes. Most people have a pretty good diet and just struggle to make progress due to the little things. Most of us do not need an overhaul or to make 20 new recipes each week. Look at making small tweaks to your current diet.

“Eating off-plan doesn’t mean poor quality food. It could be a change to something you normally have – like a larger serving, or satisfying a craving – but the focus should still be on QUALITY. A fresh pizza is way better than a 15” slab of processed junk!

“Outsourcing when you need some extra help is a great way to stay on track. Stock up on quality frozen meals, use a meal prep company, buy a snack box, or get a subscription to a recipe box – you don’t have to make everything from scratch.”

Help yourself, and others, when times get tough

For that extra bit of motivation, accountability is the not-so-secret weapon. Much like we might rely on a gym-buddy to get us moving when we feel sluggish, speaking with a coach or a friend, or working with a group of people who are trying to achieve a similar goal, will help us on our way.

There will be times when you want to deviate from your nutrition plan (and that’s totally ok!) but relying on others, and allowing them to rely on you, is a great way to put yourself back on track.