Our June Fundraiser Throwdown

To support the family of Firefighter Aston Everett, we’re holding a month-long competition with four different workouts, a running leaderboard, and a raffle entry. Find out how to enter.

Step by step digestion

Light exercise after a meal can improve nutrient absorption, reduce acid indigestion, and help improve digestive health overall.

It’s cool to be kind

World Kindness Day 2020 reminds us of the health benefits of being kind whenever possible and the Dalai Lama reminds us that it is always possible.

Why #WeMove

Exercise motivation can be difficult. With everything we need a button-click away, we have to be proactive to make sure #WeMove and stay happy and healthy.

Donating to Colchester Foodbank

This half term, the already stretched resources at foodbanks were put under added strain to provide three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food for the kids who are usually catered for through free school meals. When we heard that the government decided not to...

3 things you didn’t know about sleep

If there’s one thing we underestimate, it’s sleep. When it comes to our health and fitness goals, the emphasis is so often placed on exercise and diet, but sleep is just as vital. Here’s a few things that will help you recognise the importance of getting enough...