Our Work With Stanway Parish Council

Colchester Fitness Centre was delighted to be working with Stanway Parish Council delivering FREE fitness classes to celebrate the installation of their new outdoor gym equipment at Silver Witch Green Recreation Ground. Improving the Health & Wellbeing of...

CrossFit DireWolf’s Great Spooky Bake Off

Any excuse for a party, Colchester Fitness Centre celebrated Hallowe’en on Friday 29th with a couple of BIG classes of teams of four, and an after-party in HR4K, complete with a spooky, sweet bake-off. All the entrants got stuck in, coming up with the (baked) goods,...

Our June Fundraiser Throwdown

To support the family of Firefighter Aston Everett, we’re holding a month-long competition with four different workouts, a running leaderboard, and a raffle entry. Find out how to enter.

Step by step digestion

Light exercise after a meal can improve nutrient absorption, reduce acid indigestion, and help improve digestive health overall.