Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most common questions we’ve had about our gym and Colchester Fitness Centre’s facility.

If you’ve still got questions, get in touch!

What is the Colchester Fitness Centre?

Colchester Fitness Centre is a CrossFit Affiliate. Through CrossFit DireWolf, we offer CrossFit and functional fitness classes, and British federation weightlifting through Essex Weightlifting Club as well as physiotherapy, and sports massage. We are a complete health and fitness facility. Our supportive and community-focused environment, promotes an active lifestyle based around CrossFit’s methodology.

CrossFit will help you improve your overall fitness, lose weight, and lead a healthier lifestyle. Each of our CrossFit classes is unique, drawing on weightlifting and gymnastic techniques, as well as high intensity interval training (HIIT), with all movements fully scalable, and all workouts fully adaptable. Anyone and everyone, regardless of age, ability, or fitness level, can enjoy the CrossFit classes at Colchester Fitness Centre.

Do I have to be fit to start CrossFit?

Our training programs are designed to be customised to suit any level of fitness. If you’re new to CrossFit, or even new to exercise, it’s a fantastic way to begin your fitness journey. With a little commitment, regardless of experience, you will feel fitter, healthier and more capable of tackling the challenges of everyday life.

How many classes should I attend in a week?

This is entirely dependent on your level of experience and your fitness goals, but our coaches generally recommend 3-5 sessions per week.

What does WOD mean?

The WOD is Colchester Fitness Centre’s “Workout Of the Day”. It is a part of the wider program designed to improve overall strength and conditioning. WOD is one of the many abbreviations in CrossFit terminology.

What happens during my Free Trial session?

Upon arriving, you’ll be welcomed at reception before a member of staff shows you around the gym and its facilities. Firstly you’ll learn a little about the CrossFit methodology, the Colchester Fitness Centre’s ethos, and how our timetable is structured. Then your coach will guide you through your first session. Together with other members, you will complete a warm up, a skill/strength component, and then the WOD.

What should I bring along to the session?

Our coaches recommend you wear basic gym clothes that are both comfortable and practical to exercise in.