Colchester Fitness Centre
More Than Just A Gym

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Colchester Fitness Centre is an all encompassing health and fitness facility, offering expertly coached functional fitness through CrossFit DireWolf, British federation weightlifting at Essex Weightlifting Club, physiotherapy, sports massage, and much more. Our core purpose is to help you define and achieve your health and fitness goals, in a supportive, uplifting and community-focused environment.

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Why Join Colchester Fitness Centre?​

We believe we can help anyone become fitter and healthier, and welcome people from all walks of life at our gym. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an aspiring CrossFit athlete, our team of coaches and health professionals are here to support you.

The main goal of our facility is to improve your quality of life. We want to provide you with the energy, motivation, and physical competency needed to achieve whatever goals you have outside the gym, and for you to leave every session with a smile on your face.

“Being a massive anxiety sufferer I’ve found it difficult to be consistent in the gym and at times not been able to fully commit because of my mental health. Today marks 2 weeks of bootcamp and I can hand on heart say it was the best decision I have ever made!!! Thank you”

Laura Lilly

“Feeling like I wasn’t making any changes i thought I would put some photos together to compare WOWZA I actually can’t believe it 🙂 I started bootcamp in July and I want to say A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Colchester Fitness Centre, the coaches have been fab, energetic, motivating, creating excellent workouts.”

Natalie Davey

“Thank you coaches you did it again, brought a smile to my face even in the pouring rain, my body didn’t want to come tonight, wasn’t feeling it at all but thanks to a gentle nudge from Kirstie Enefer I made it and so pleased I did!!! Such a positive group of people, always happy, this group helps to keep me motivated and change my train of thought. Thanks everyone. We smashed it all together, well done!”

Tania Stacey