We’re halfway into the first month of the new year already. How are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Did you make any? If you did, were any of them focused on improving your health or fitness?

In our latest Instagram post, we referenced an article that discusses the most popular resolutions and found that for last year, exercising more and improving fitness, losing weight, and improving diet were in the top five.

Stephane Rochet, CF-L3 and Strength & Conditioning coach, offers insight into creating healthy habits, commenting that “there’s nothing harder than taking that first step”, but for many of us, the subsequent steps are tough too! Check out DireWolf’s original post for top tips on keeping your health and fitness resolutions.

When New Year’s Resolutions Become Sustainable, Long Lasting Behaviours

Making the decision to improve your health and fitness doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Rochet said “if you focus on the outcome, it eludes you. But if you focus on the habit or the process, you end up getting the outcome you want”. Just because your health and fitness New Year’s Resolution started on 1st Jan, it doesn’t need to happen overnight. Start small, master the basics, and then move on to more advanced steps. Be patient and learn to love the process rather than obsess over the results.

Welcome To CrossFit – Registration Open

The pursuit of health, happiness, and performance starts with new ways of eating, new ways of moving, and new ways of thinking about ourselves and our communities. For this, CrossFit is just one of the tools at our disposal, but it’s one that promotes proactive behavioural change, and has helped tens of thousands of people.

Registration for Colchester Fitness Centre’s Welcome To CrossFit workshop is now live. Open to all, tickets are £10*, and attendees will receive a break down of the fundamentals of our sport, who CrossFit’s for, and why it’s the answer to long term wellness.

Join us at the gym on Saturday 22 January at 14:30 – BOOK YOUR SPOT