Well, here we are; January 2023. Although it’s definitely a bit cliched to chirp the New Year, New Me mantra, there’s nothing wrong with using the beginning of the year to hit the reset button and implement New Year’s Resolutions to do that.

Did you make any resolutions? Are they focused on improving your health or fitness? You’re not alone!

Studies suggest that exercising more, getting fit, losing weight, and improving diet are amongst the most popular resolutions. Music to our ears at CFDW. And we’re so looking forward to welcoming anyone who wants to use our set up to action those resolutions and take that first step into a new or revamped exercise regime. We’re also looking forward to supporting our existing members with their fitness/nutrition-focused 2023 goals.

Setting new goals (and sticking to them) can be a challenge…

…. But there are a few things you can do to make it easier. Here’s our Top Tips for implementing healthy habits and sticking to your resolutions.

Never miss a Monday. Habits are about consistency. Working out on a Monday means you start your week with a bang and can then build on that momentum throughout the week. A hearty breakfast, a nutritious lunch, and a balanced dinner on day one will help set the tone for the next six.

Get more sleep. It costs nothing! Lack of sleep decreases Leptin, which is the hormone that makes you feel full. It also boosts Ghrelin aka the ‘hunger hormone’, which increases appetite, promotes fat storage, and causes us to make poor food choices.⁣

Prepare and be organised. Save time by planning – your food, your sleep pattern, when you’re going to exercise, your working day, literally anything that can be scheduled. Life will still get in the way, but at least you’re setting yourself up to be able to fall back into your routine as easily as possible.⁣

Lean on your support network. Find yourself a Coach, a gym, or a fitness-buddy to keep you accountable. Obviously, we’re bias here, but CrossFit Affiliates are renowned for offering a huge amount in terms of accountability, community, and overall positivity.

Above all: Be patient

Just because your health and fitness New Year’s Resolution started already, the results don’t need to (and likely won’t!) happen overnight. Start small, master the basics, and then move on to more advanced steps. Be patient and learn to love the process rather than obsess over the outcome.