This past weekend saw the CrossFit licensed Arnold Fitness Games take place at the NEC Birmingham. And our guy Steve Hallam was there on the dance floor on Friday!

Lifting an equal PB and bagging a top three finish in workout one, Steve was right to come away from his first individual competition happy! He was kind enough to share his post-event reflection with the gym, writing in our members’ Facebook group:



“… got a third place early on, didn’t come last, and best of all had a lot of fun in the process.”

Competitive CrossFit isn’t for everyone, but those who do chase that element of their training tend to enjoy the competition floor best when they are able to measure their success based on their own objectives.

You can’t control who you’ll be up against on the day, and you can’t control whether the workouts will fall in your wheelhouse, but you a can control the amount of preparation you put in before the competition, and you can control how you tackle each workout.

“Objectives All Achieved”

If you’re that way inclined, competition is a great way to showcase your hard work, and test yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s also a great learning tool. If you struggled with a particular workout, then you can return to the gym knowing it’s time to work on a skills gap, learn more about pacing yourself, or embrace that movement you usually dread when you see it on the whiteboard. That way, when you return to the comp floor, you’re ready to go again, knowing you’re even better prepared.