Class Is In Session…

Whether you’re a creature of habit, or fly by the seat of your pants, after a Summer of glorious sunshine, school holidays, and stay- or vacations, for many of us, September marks the return to some sort of routine.

You’re back to work, and the kids are back at school. So that means you’re back to the gym, right? That means you’re back on that diet, right? That means you’re back to prioritising your own rest and recovery, right?… Right??… RIGHT???

… okay maybe it’s not quite as simple as that. But we have got loads going on at CFDW to help our members get back into the swing of things after a busy Summer. From training blocks to meal prep, specialist classes to extra curricular activities, personal trainers to training apparel and accessories – there’s lots to get excited about and lots to work into a routine!

• New Training Block: Barbell cycling & gymnastic strength

Barbell cycling, when coached correctly, will drill efficient movement, teach the optimal bar path, and encourage muscle memory, which pays off when it comes to workout speed and heavier lifts. Not to mention the mental fitness that comes from practicing high rep ranges. Building gymnastic strength will not only translate into bodyweight and rig work, these movements influence every aspect of our lives, and have a dramatic impact on fitness.

• Our Meal Prep Supplier: We’re working with AMG Prep

It’s been great working with Colchester’s SimplyNutritious, but as the owner is moving on to ventures new, we’re delighted to announce our partnership with AMG Prep. Ideal for getting you into a routine, Meal Prep helps free up your time, allows you to try new dishes, and will make it easier to keep tabs on your portion sizes or macro breakdowns.

• Setting Specialist Goals: Strength, skill, and speed

Making goals and targeting your training is a great way to help you commit to a routine. Maybe you want to unlock a new skill, hit a PB, or shave a few seconds off a workout-time? Then attendance at our gymnastic, strongman, and endurance classes should definitely be on your To Do list. Want to get even more specific? Our coaches offer PT sessions for 1-to-1 work, plus the Mamas, Papas & Babies classes are programmed for safe pre- and post-natal training.

• Assembling Outside The Gym: CFDW at Nuclear Races

As Captain, Coach Sam has reserved a team slot for CrossFit DireWolf at the 12:30 wave of the 7km Nuclear Fallout in Brentwood on Saturday 05 November 2022. While there’s no pressure to perform, we do love a bit of competition, and so for the next few weeks our Friday Night Lights sessions will be programmed with the focus of getting our teammates ready for the challenge. No, we’re not digging mud pits or erecting zip lines, but we are training for agility and endurance!