We were absolutely ecstatic to host the CrossFit Level One Course at Colchester Fitness Centre on 12 and 13 November. It’s really cool to have the opportunity to show off the fantastic space we’ve built to visitors, and even cooler that CrossFit HQ has acknowledged how fantastic our space is, despite only being open a couple of years.

Having Seminar Staff take over the gym meant we had to take our fitness outside for a couple of days…

… which meant dusting off our running shoes on Saturday morning!

Sorry, but… running will make you a better CrossFitter

Yes, it’s true. CrossFitters’ hatred for running is somewhat of a well-known joke in the sport. But the CFDW lot understand that their “CrossFit Journey” started because of a desire to become healthier, fitter, and “good” at functional fitness. And it doesn’t get more functional than putting one foot in front of the other, does it?!

Those of us using steady, mid-level pace running as an aerobic activity, can enjoy benefits such as improved oxygen usage in the muscles, increased heart mass and volume, improved ventilation in the lungs, and lower blood pressure.

Sounds good – but what does that look like in terms of functional fitness?

This is why running is good for CrossFit:

1. It builds your engine. Being strong and gymnastic helps lots during a WOD, but greater lungs helps finish faster. Training cardio capacity will improve endurance, increase VO2 max, and reduce the time it takes to recover between one round and the next. Simply, it’ll increase the amount of oxygen you can use, and improve the rate at which you’re able to use it.

2. It will reduce your WOD times. Any WOD, whether it’s body-strength-based or engine-focused, requires a certain level of fitness in order to get a “good” score. That is; the fitter you are, the quicker you’ll get the work done. Your heart is a muscle, and in the same way squats will give you bigger quads, running will improve your heart’s mass and volume.

3. It will aid your recovery. DOMS after yesterday’s WOD? Time to run. Yep. Even if your legs are what hurt most! Light intensity exercise, like going for a steady run, will help promote blood flow and clear the metabolic by-products of excessive exercise. Increased blood flow will bring fresh blood and oxygen to damaged muscles, and will carry away lactic acid build up to encourage faster recovery times, less soreness, and overall improved tissue health.

Well done to our Park-Runners…

… And thank you to all our members for allowing us to pinch their gym for the weekend to facilitate the CrossFit Level One Course. Normal service has been resumed.