We’re heading into week three of The Open! It’s been a really exciting couple of weeks at the gym – we’ve seen ups and downs, and struggles and successes, and there’s still more to come!

The official beginning of the road to The CrossFit Games, the electricity that comes with completing the The Open workouts is undeniable, whether it’s your first time ever or you’re fighting to return to The Games. The original ethos of CrossFit is that anyone can compete, and this year it seems to be the case more than ever before!

The Most Accessible Open Ever

Registration is for anyone 14+ years, with older participants being encouraged in particular this year. And, with extended adaptive categories, plus a new Foundations category, The 2022 CrossFit Open is the most accessible one yet.

At DireWolf, we’ve seen newcomers pick up new skills in wall walks, a heavier dumbbell for DB snatch, and a heavier barbell for deadlifts, meaning many have Rx’d their first ever Open workout, making for a VERY interesting leaderboard… 22.3 will likely be “the separator” to shake up the leaderboard.

Likely requiring a higher skillset, the last workout will reveal which athletes are heading to The Games. That probably means it’s the end of the Rx workouts for the less experienced athletes, and a chance for the more experienced athletes to really show off all they’ve practiced.

The Open: One Week To Go

The key for anyone and everyone who is competing, is to stay the course. Those taking part have already gone through a couple of really intense workouts (more if you’re one of the redo-crew!), and while those scores are important, being able to hold on and finish strong (no matter which category) is just as big a part of the test as this last workout.