What a fantastic weekend we’ve had at the gym! 29 teams took to the floor to take part in DireWolf’s second inhouse throwdown on Saturday afternoon, plus our Kids and Teens had their own competition to kick things off.

CrossFit DireWolf Kids

Starting with burpees, squats, and pull ups, two heats of CrossFit DireWolf Kids began their competition with a max effort relay up and down the gym. Their second and third tests came from a max distance row, and then an over-head plate carry.

CrossFit DireWolf Teens

The kettlebells awaited our CrossFit DireWolf Teens for their first workout. Squats, swings, and sumo-deadlift high-pulls were broken up with down ups… many, many down ups! Their strength was tested with a well-known benchmark workout in DT (deadlifts, hang power cleans, and shoulder to overhead), before finishing with a max calorie row.

CrossFit DireWolf: The Big Kids

The first workout saw our teams of four split into sub-teams of two for two scoring opportunities. Whilst one pair worked with the rower indoors, the other ran a tethered relay around the outside of the gym – perfect to show off some fantastic fancy dress costumes!

Workout three, and the teams were reunited for dumbbell snatch, box jump overs, burpee plate jumps, and wall balls. With 2 minutes to complete as close to 50 reps of each movement as possible, we saw some serious sprinting. And it was the Big Kids turn for DT in workout four.

As a final workout, the teams were once again split into partners, but this time for synchro work. Sub-team 1 started with kettlebell goblet squats and step overs, then were followed by sub-team 2 who completed kettlebell swings and step overs.

And, as a bonus workout, teams had to visit HR4K for a round of MarioKart!

In Support of C-R-Y

We’re really proud of all our competitors – Kids, Teens, and “Grown Ups” – not just for their efforts during the workouts, but also for taking on the fancy dress element with such gusto, and their generosity in volunteering to judge their fellow competitors.

What’s really blown us away, though, is the kindness our members showed in continuing to support C-R-Y. The reason we’re working with this charity is down to our member, Chris Campbell, losing his daughter to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy last year.