Simon Sinek’s definition of authenticity inspires CrossFit Education’s GM, who recently wrote that CrossFit’s commitment to doing what works is what sets it apart in an industry full of fads, scams, and “get-fit-quick hacks”.

Read: The CrossFit Ethos

Imitators and copy-cats may come up with replicas of what looks like CrossFit, but what we do isn’t the result of a strategy session or marketing meeting. It isn’t about what a focus group liked, or what was most popular. CrossFit’s ethos grew organically from our measurable, results-based methodology. And what does that mean?

The initial objective of CrossFit was to develop a broad, general, and inclusive fitness; and turn that fitness into sport. Diluting the methodology blurs our objective, impacts our values, and jeopardises CrossFit’s efficacy.

Results: That is, measurable, observable, and repeatable results, are at our heart. A no bullshit quantification of fitness and health.

Accountability: Effort is measurable, you record your results to measure progress, you share your results to stay accountable.

Belonging: We all work hard in front of each other even if we’re not sure we can do it. No posing or posturing: just genuine, solid effort with your classmates cheering you on.

Humility: In training, we expose our weaknesses regularly. And just when you think you’ve mastered a skill, the next challenge shows up to keeps you hungry and humble.

Camaraderie: The program doesn’t change, it’s adapted to suit the individual. Everyone understands the challenge everyone else has faced, and that shared suffering or striving creates a bond.

Service: With no mirrors, we rely on our coaches. Their work is about service and how fit they can make you, not how fit they are nor how good they look.

Integrity: Focus is on moving safely and correctly to get the most out of your time and effort. You’ll get more from CrossFit and stay in the game longer when you do it right.

Discipline: You have to show up. And you have to do the work.

Grit: You Have. To Do. The Work.

Virtuosity: Do you want me to do it right? Or do you want me to do it fast? Doing both gets us results, but it also encourages everyone, even the “not-so-athletically-inclined gym-goer” to pursue mastery. CrossFitters strive to do the common uncommonly well.