After the success of last year’s Hallowe’en Shenanigans, we had high hopes for 2022’s Spooky Bake Off and Hallow-WODs.

And we were far from disappointed!

As well as fantastic costumes to include Zombie-fied Disney characters, creepy clowns, masked-muscles, and strong skeletons, the coffee shop was filled with the sweet smells of the community’s culinary efforts…

An early entry to start the day, Kirstie proved she’s definitely got her eyes on the prize with her creepy cupcakes. Shortly followed a Terrific (and not at all terrifying) Triffin from The Drakes.

The gruesome-but-gorgeous R-Eyes Crispy Cakes from Coach Sam were a surprise entry, as were Coach Harry’s Claw-Some Brownies with peanut butter subs and bloody thick icing.

Jodie Everitt’s colourful-yet-chilling entry served as a scary warning of the dangers of a poor diet, and certainly won points for originality. Rob showcased his Eyes-ing skills and shocked us all with a green vicky sponge decorated as a giant eyeball, while Jolene delivered a web of pies with her cob-webbed chocolate cupcakes.

Puns meant points for Julie’s “FEARmint Spookies”, and more than making up for last year’s entry that had trouble in transit, Katie brought out the big guns with her devilishly decorated brownies – spiders, bats, mummies, and ghosties, and even a couple of biscoff graves; one for Coach Mark, and another for Coach Sam!

Third Place

When we totted up the points, we had two excellent entries jostling for third. It was impossible to choose between Gemma’s Red(rum) Velvet Brownie Mountain complete with chocolate spiders, marshmallow ghosts, and dumbbell-wielding mummies, and Lordy’s Maggoty Anne cake (with multiple ways in which it was interpreted, it was the talk of the table!).

Second Place

The silver spot went to Jodie “Fingers” Finnigan and her severed finger shortbread, the presentation of which was fantastic. Her daughter, Bethy, offered a supporting role with the decoration, manicuring the clawed fingers, and packaging the remaining almond nails.

First Place

Emma Harris was far from ham-fisted, taking top spot with TWO offerings – a horrible hand made with a soft cheese filling and a prosciutto skin, plus a sweet finish of white chocolate ghosts atop mini chocolate cake platforms.

Another Spook-tacular Hallowe’en at CFDW!