Any excuse for a party, Colchester Fitness Centre celebrated Hallowe’en on Friday 29th with a couple of BIG classes of teams of four, and an after-party in HR4K, complete with a spooky, sweet bake-off.

All the entrants got stuck in, coming up with the (baked) goods, making judging tough-but-tasty. The criteria for score allocation ranged from type, taste, and texture, to skill-execution, wow-factor, and RPE (rate of perceived effort). Willing taste-testers post-workout, members channeled their Prue Leith energy and helped with the decision-making process.

CrossFit DireWolf’s Hallowe’en Bake Off Results

Coach Jodie’s cute lil’ cupcakes were moist, tasty, and adorned with effigies of her Sweat WOD victims. Points awarded for being both morbidly and impressively on-brand. A great entry.

Her terrifying traybake may have had some trouble in transit, but where Katie McCord’s petrifying poltergeists fell short aesthetically, the taste and texture put the super in supernatural.

With our second cupcake entry, Kirstie dazzled us with golden gourds atop rich, fluffy icing. A hidden truffle in her sweet treats’ centre ticked the box for originality and seriously boosted her score.

Affectionately nicknamed “The Grave MisCake”, Emma Joslin buried our coaches in chocolate cake, building us our own gooey graveyard. Six feet under with wafer tombstones, may the team Rest In Pieces Of Cake!

Third Place

Our bronze podium spot goes to Jamie and her cake pop eyeballs. When Hallowe’en’s the theme, first impressions count. Bloodshot eyes staring from wooden stalks certainly made a lasting impression… the texture was pretty unforgettable too… haunting even!

Second Place

From her costume to her cake, it was clear to all that Lordy fully understood the assignment. Her (probably not quite) anatomically correct Brain Cake was a huge crowd (dis)pleaser, complete with tasty cerebrospinal fluid decoration and a soft, squishy interior.

First Place

The Star Baker award went to Renee Ashby and her frightening brownie mountain. The effort, skill, and yes, even LOVE that went into this creation was clear to see, with coffins, cobwebs, and candy a-plenty. The attention to detail and finesse in presentation, right down to marking her own grave, meant she was Top Of The Box with her bake.

Another thoroughly enjoyable Friday Night Lights at gym. Watch out for the next one!