It’s no secret that we’re very proud of our facility at Colchester Fitness Centre. We work with great businesses, great people, and great kit… but we can’t deny the call of the great outdoors either. And it seems our members feel the same.

Coach Kat’s Endurance Club has somewhat of a reputation. Her Sunday morning sessions are known for their sweaty tempo to set pulses racing, and it is said they have even cured the odd hangover or two! Our members pile down to Villa Road for their training, and then head back to The Centre for iced coffees, hot chocolate, or a trip to drinks fridge!

Monday morning bootcamp is for core work and cardio with Coach Mahlon, Wednesday is pairs work under Coach Mark’s watchful eye, and then he (figuratively!) lets his hair down on a Friday night with a spicy workout and an even spicier playlist – training and partying!

We run our outdoor classes all year round because exercising outside is something we should all try to do more of. Being out in the elements, known as Green Exercise has been shown to improve mood, reduce stress, and release those feel good hormones.

And our lot have their extra curricular outdoor activities too! Sarah, Katherine, and Emma all smashed the Sandringham 5k this weekend…

… and a host of our members formed part of a group who pulled themselves up to The Highest Point In England – Scafell Pike. Well done to Lee, Lucy, Tee, Tanya, Kelly, Alex, and Lucy!