Our Work With Stanway Parish Council

Improving the health & wellbeing of Stanway’s Community

Colchester Fitness Centre is delighted to be working with Stanway Parish Council in delivering FREE fitness classes on the new outdoor gym equipment installed at Silver Witch Green Recreation Ground.

Local Stanway residents are being encouraged to get active by exercising whilst enjoying an open air environment. As part of the improvement works at the recreation ground, the Parish Council sponsored the building of of twelve separate workout stations with diverse equipment to focus on muscle development, core strength, aerobic activity, balance, and flexibility. Our coaches hold fitness sessions using these stations once a week, free of charge, on Fridays at 4pm.

Contributing to overall community health

The health risks of physical inactivity are well-documented, and the last few months has seen the promotion of regular exercise become more of a public health priority. Coming from a bootcamp background, Colchester Fitness Centre has “Green Exercise” at its heart. The health benefits we get from exposure to nature, we also get from exercise; that includes improved blood flow, strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall cardiovascular health, as well as reduced stress levels, the release of endorphins, improved sleep, and increased attention span – it’s why we run our bootcamp at Villa Road!

Sessions commence 4:00pm, Friday 23 July
Then run every subsequent Friday for a minimum of 30 weeks

Join us FOR FREE at Silver Witch Green Recreation Ground every Friday!


Your first visit to CrossFit DireWolf is on us
Every Friday at 4pm at Silver Witch Green Recreational Ground
Experience the buzz for free!


• Eco-friendly set up

• Accessible for everyone

• Getting people outdoors

• Promoting community

• Making exercise fun

• Improving physical health

• Enhancing mental well-being