Sam Cowler

Coming away from over 10 years of football in a professional set up, Sam fell into CrossFit in 2015. His passion for teamwork and helping people led him to taking his Level 1 a few months later, and in the following years also his level 2 and 3 alongside CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Gymnastics qualifications. He’s delivered workshops on CrossFit as a training discipline, health and fitness, and he delivers personal training on a one-to-one basis Through all his study and coaching, Sam hasn’t lost his competitiveness. He’s qualified for some top CrossFit events in Europe, including the UK Sanctioned Strength In Depth and The European Championships.

“I love the social side of CrossFit. I’ve met some fantastic people whilst training, and we’ve created some great things as a group. The best part about new people joining is that they have all of those experiences still to come.”