Mahlon King

From the moment Mahlon started school, sport, fitness and health became his primary interest and this has continued ever since. He played almost every sport possible but after a few years volleyball proved to be where he would excel the most. He went on to win 5 national titles and gained national team selection, representing England at both the U17 and U19 level. From here he pursued sport further, both physically and academically, gaining a scholarship for volleyball at the University of Essex to study Sports and Exercise Science.

During his years at university and the performance sport program, it was the strength and conditioning program which helped his realise the importance of strength training for both athletic performance and injury prevention, and this is when he really fell in love with the gym and the idea of being able to help others achieve better physical performance.

Whilst completing his MSc, Mahlon began working as a Strength and Conditioning coach for the Athletic Performance Academy and also undertook a placement for the Human Performance Unit as an Assistant Sports Scientist. Alongside this he began working part time at the university gym and helped the men’s volleyball team become the first team in the university’s history to win a national title in any sport.

After completing his master’s degree he was given a permanent role at the university gym and decided to gain his Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Training qualifications, with the desire to assist people to move, feel and look better through physical training. It was around this period that Mahlon decided to take a break from volleyball. He had always liked the idea of CrossFit “because there is no other sport which includes such a wide variety of training modalities and lends itself to creating such a well-rounded athlete.” This really appealed to Mahlon, and since his CrossFit journey began he has “loved every single minute of it and cannot wait to continue to progress as both a coach and an athlete.”

BSc Sports and Exercise Science
MSc Sports and Exercise Science
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 (May 2021)