Exercising is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Not only does it work to help with things like reducing blood pressure, but it also releases endorphins, which ultimately makes us feel happier.

Exercise comes in many different forms and any activity can be classed as exercise so long as #WeMove.

Exercise doesn’t have to be intense

Whilst in lockdown, a lot of us might find the motivation to exercise a little harder than normal – we’ll naturally feel more lethargic from being indoors – but we don’t always need to push ourselves to the limit. Some days just mustering the energy to get out and move is enough! Here’s why…

In our bodies there is a vast tubular network known as the lymphatic system. It’s responsible for taking waste and debris from the blood and transporting it to be removed, predominantly in our urine, poo, and sweat. This detoxing process is vital to maintaining a healthy immune system.

“Tubular network” sounds a bit like the circulatory system, right? Except the circulatory system has a pump (the heart), whereas the lymphatic system relies on the contractions of our muscles in order to do its job. Without movement, we can’t effectively process the body’s waste.

When we are sedentary for too long this waste can build up in our system causing inflammation. When we’re inflamed, the first thing that becomes compromised is our immune system – which we really need to look after right now.

Proactivity for positivity

Today’s world thrives on efficiency. We can earn a living sitting at a computer, and then acquire everything else we need to survive (food, water, shelter) at the click of a button. Far from being hunter/gatherers, these days we can access everything via a smartphone, so now we have to be proactive in getting ourselves moving.

That’s what #WeMove means to us at Colchester Fitness Centre, and that’s why we started the November challenge; to collectively keep each other moving through lockdown.

The government restrictions are designed to shield us from a virus, and protect our health so that eventually we can return to life as we once knew it. Protecting our immune systems is our own personal shield against the virus. Keep moving.