Christmas is synonymous with indulgence – big food, lots to drink, and good company – but the pressure to enjoy yourself and entertain others can also be quite stressful! We posted our Christmas Opening Hours last week, and are taking full advantage of the Bank Holiday hours for some well-earned rest and relaxation. And we think you should too!

A significant rest over Christmas will actually help to improve your fitness in the long term. You can review your workout schedule, set out new goals, and come back with new drive, and fresh motivation.

Rest allows your body time to heal and repair. Far from undoing all the hard work you’ve put in, taking some time off will help you feel recharged with more energy.

Exercise is more than just physical, though. It’s almost a sort of therapy with all those endorphins hopping round the body, making us feel good. But too much too often will leave the mind burnt out. So a few days at a lower intensity will help you mentally recover too. Work on your step-count with a family walk, or use the time to mobilise and stretch.

Having said all that; remember, it works both ways. While there’s no pressure to do so, like many other gyms we’re open between Christmas and New Year, so you absolutely can continue exercising over the festive period!

You know your body best. If you need a break, take one guilt free. But keep moving if you want to – Christmas is about indulgence, and if you want to indulge in some burpees? Have at it!