Emma Harris recently posted about her experience with CrossFit on Instagram, and with such a positive message and fabulous pictures, we were really pleased to share her update with the gym’s social media audience, too.

Little did we know that when CrossFit HQ caught a glimpse, they’d want the entire community to see what Emma had to say! Her powerful words have been seen by thousands, and will serve to inspire many others to stop making excuses and start making better choices:

From @CrossFit_DireWolf: ‘The moment we realise that we have the power to create our reality is the moment that our reality changes’

“Wow. Always time for reflection when a memory pops up. 3 years apart. Same city, the same me but a very different outlook. I wasn’t particularly happy in my own skin and had made excuses for far too long. But then the mindset changed when I found CrossFit. Well, CrossFit found me and the rest is history. Remember, life begins where your comfort zone ends.” – Emma Jane Harris